Memory Distortion

This page is about a little known form of distortion called Memory Distortion, which happens in solid state devices. It is a bold attempt made to explain the "solid state sound", or the "sound of feedback".

Memory Distortion was discovered a long time ago by a French man called Gérard Perrot, who has since created his own company called Lavardin, which makes amplifiers and other Audio devices. I have tried to explore his ideas by building a different kind of amplifier. Here are some of my experiences.

Collected articles from other people :

Very interesting article that shows how to actually measure these elusive thermal drifts (hint : it is based on the integrated dc error over time). [Download]

Patent on the global amplifier design. Recommended reading. [Download]

Patents on the Lavardin input stage : interesting, bur read the other ones before that one.[Download]

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